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Semicolons example
Semicolons example

Semicolons example

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The semicolon. Yet there is more to the semicolon than that. The example above could be recast with the conjunction but, in which case a comma, rather

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Semicolons help you connect closely related ideas when a style mark stronger than a comma is needed. By using semicolons effectively, you can make your?Independent clauses -?Using Dashes -?Using Commas -?Coordinating conjunctionsSemicolon & Colon Rules | Punctuation Rules | The Writing Used to Join Two Complete Sentences. Example 1: Mary ate dinner; the dinner tasted exquisite. Example 2: By age 15, Ivan had cooked 300 meals; Sep 22, 2009 - One reason you might choose to use a semicolon instead of a period is if you wanted to add variety to your sentence structure; for example, you Examples of how to use the Semicolon. A clear and short one page guide to using semicolons, with examples of the semicolon in use.

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Colons and semicolons are two types of punctuation. Colons (:) are used in sentences to introduce that something follows like a quotation, example or a list. A semicolon can be used for this purpose. Examples: No one was seriously hurt in the accident; one man suffered a broken finger. In matters of style, swim with This handout explains the most common uses of three kinds of punctuation: semi-colons (;), colons (:), and dashes (—). After reading the handout, you will beUse a semicolon in place of a period to separate two sentences where the conjunction has been left out. "Unlike many of the other punctuation marks, there is no occasion on which the semicolon cannot be replaced by another form of punctuation or sentence

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