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Referred pain example
Referred pain example

Referred pain example

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Conversely, many organs in the body cause pain at a distance from the source of the pain. For example, the heart commonly causes pain that is felt in the left

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Nov 25, 2014 - A common example of referred pain is the shoulder pain that often happens when a person is having a gallbladder attack. Even though the Feb 5, 2014 - an example of how the brain perceives sensory information in the context of past experiences. REFERRED PAIN occurs when activation of Pain felt in one area of the body does not always represent where the problem is because the pain may be referred there from another area. For example, pain

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Referred pain: Pain felt at a site other than where the cause is situated. An example is the pain from the pancreas, which is felt in the back. Pain in internal Oct 31, 2006 - This curious (and clinically important) phenomenon is known as referred pain. For example, it's unlikely but possible that your shoulder pain is What causes referred pain? Referred pain results when a nerve is irritated or injured. Learn more from our experts about referred pain.Jun 18, 1997 - Referred Pain because the real cause of that shoulder pain could be a liver ailment or gallbladder disease or They list these examples:.

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